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mad4digital’s Workplace Secrets: Millennials Matter

Modern, well-designed, funky shared office spaces have revolutionised business practices. The opportunities to bring people together to collaborate in a fun and creative environment are huge, which is why we were so excited to move into a new, non-conventional work space ’WeWork’ a co-working … Read More

6 Fun Facts Behind The Branding Colour Choices of our favourite brands

For small businesses keen to stand out, the question is whether you want to remain part of the pack or break away. mad4digital, the online marketing agency for SMEs, takes a sneak peek at branding colour choices to get small businesses thinking … Read More

Reseller and Referral Program Initiatives – Partnership Accelerators for SMEs

Forging the right reseller or referral program for your business is not too hard if you take a leaf out of large corporates’ books. In today’s economy, partners, resellers and business referrals are common ways for companies, irrespective of size, … Read More

Masternodes  —  a cryptocurrency pension plan for Millennials?

A recent report by the Office for National Statistics (ONS)showed that despite a higher percentage of people between the ages of 25 and 35 contributing to workplace pensions since 2012, overall savings have fallen from £12.8bn to £12.2bn. According to Professional Pensions, … Read More

Smart contracts – set to transform the professional services?

Contracts and regular peopleWhat do we know about contracts? First of all, what happened to you physically when you read that question? Did you, perhaps, wince slightly, tense-up? Maybe not a physical response: a slight switching-off in the brain, maybe … Read More

A novices guide to Ethereum

Trying to explain exactly what Ethereum is and how it works is hard. It’s pretty much the same as trying to explain how TV works – how does the image arrive at the screen? How are the channels arranged? Where … Read More

How to avoid the pitfalls of online marketing

Here at mad4digital, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help enterprises make the most of their business. Whether you’re branching out on your own and learning as you go, growing so fast that you don’t have the time … Read More

EduTech Feature: How technology is set to disrupt education as we know it

Technology in education is arguably one of the most exciting areas of tech development – and you can’t avoid thinking of it if you, like me, have children in school. AI, AR and m-learning have the potential to fundamentally change … Read More

The UK Digital Charter and Why We Love It

Early this year the government published a new Digital Charter setting new conditions for the online world. The UK is to lead the world in innovation-friendly regulation that is encouraging rather than disparaging to the tech sector. It states as … Read More

Why Fintech is a Millennial no-brainer

“We’re tired of hidden fees and charges, endless paper forms, and nothing quite working in the way we’d expect.” What might sound like an entitled Millennials’ lament is in fact Tom Blomfield talking about the motivation behind Monzo, a banking … Read More