6 Fun Facts Behind The Branding Colour Choices of our favourite brands

For small businesses keen to stand out, the question is whether you want to remain part of the pack or break away. mad4digital, the online marketing agency for SMEs, takes a sneak peek at branding colour choices to get small businesses thinking about colour’s value in creating branding differentiation.

Read more: 6 Fun Facts Behind The Branding Colour Choices of our favourite brands

Check out our 6 fun facts behind the branding colour choices of our favourite brands – it may not be scientific, but with consistency and commitment, it can work.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the king of social media, chose blue for his logo due to his colour blindness.

Richard Branson chose red as a primary branding colour for Virgin Atlantic in a defiant and rebellious effort to debunk incumbents (historically airlines typically stayed away from using too much red as it is closely associated with danger).

Starbucks references money in its brand name; they landed on the colour green to give a tip of the hat to US currency.

Gap started out mainly selling denim, hence the use of blue as its primary brand colour. It was one of the first shops to only sell Levi’s, leading to a worldwide shortage of indigo denim.

Land Rover and its first vehicle was originally inspired by the military, hence its use of green.

MacDonald’s famous red and yellow are probably the two most difficult colours to combine. The jury is out on whether the founders conducted deep analytical research, or whether it was simply because they used Ketchup & Mustard in the original cheeseburger.

Building your brand as an SME takes time. Thinking about your brand colour cost nothing, but it’s a critical piece of the puzzle and should be considered from the beginning.

As for mad4digital, we are focused on supporting small businesses to grow their online brand presence. Our primary brand colour is green because it’s positive, confident and promotes growth. We want to open up the online marketing space to every sole trader, entrepreneur, start-up and small business enterprise to help uncover new online business growth opportunities.

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