The UK Digital Charter and Why We Love It

Early this year the government published a new Digital Charter setting new conditions for the online world. The UK is to lead the world in innovation-friendly regulation that is encouraging rather than disparaging to the tech sector. It states as its aim for the UK to become the best place to have a digital business and the safest place in the world to be online. Secretary of State, Matt Hancock said: “The internet is a powerful force for good with the potential to benefit everyone’s lives.”

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This sits very nicely with our (madly) optimistic and enthusiastic outlook. Of the 6 principles outlined in the charter the last one really appealed to the heart of our values:

The social and economic benefits brought by new technologies should be fairly shared

At mad4digital we want to democratise business and do what we can to ensure that businesses big and small have equal access to making the most of being online. We championed the idea of helping to make businesses self-sufficient online. Transparency and accessibility for our clients is our core value. We work to ensure that our clients learn more about the digital side of their business. With a greater understanding and appreciation of the benefits that they can reap through the various online options available to them, our clients are better placed to make better decisions that make them grow.

To help make it easier for our clients to access digital marketing we pioneered a PAYG marketing support service that gives them access to any digital marketing service when and where they need it. From PPC, SEO to email marketing our clients have the opportunity to test new digital channels without the risk of blowing their budget.

In its Work programme which followed the 6 priorities, the charter first and foremost commits to “building a thriving ecosystem where technology companies can start and grow” – This is great news for our tech clients. In our experience, one of the key challenges tech companies face is the correct positioning of their brand relevant to the end user, as a tech marketing company we help our clients focus on how the technology helps the end user rather than focusing on ‘What’ the technology is. A thriving tech ecosystem gives us and our clients more familiarity with what’s available online, more options to choose from and a better perspective on where they sit in the ecosystem and what that means for their business potential.

Google, Barclays, Lloyds Banking, and BT have pledged to offer digital skills training to millions of people across the UK as part of the UK’s long-awaited Digital Strategy. At the other end of the scale we will be targeting growing businesses with seminars and events to help keep them abreast of important changes in the sector.

All in all, we welcome the UK digital charter and look forward to the development of a fairer and more democratic system for all businesses. If you would like to learn more about how mad4digital can help your business grow get in touch contact [email protected].

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